About Us

BestSafeVPN.com offers impartial reviews of VPN services, along with guides to help you maximize your internet privacy and security.

Our goal is to help everyone on the internet push back against governments, corporations, and other organizations that have made it their purpose to routinely invade and diminish netizens’ right to online privacy. Ever since the Snowden revelations, the public has grown increasingly better informed about the encroachment of the surveillance state on their daily lives. Recent legal developments, such as the Investigatory Powers Act in the UK, and the erosion of net neutrality in the US, have made it all too clear that government interference on the internet is here to stay, and that it can only lead to decreasing privacy and security for all internet users.

Moreover, censorship on the internet continues to grow around the world. From democracies like the UK, to repressive states like China and Iran, government-led censorship programs routinely limit access to information and restrict internet freedoms for the sake of paying lip service to particular ideologies, or maintaining dubious commitments to state security and public welfare.

We firmly believe that all citizens of the world should be able to access the internet freely, without experiencing any censorship or surveillance. We’re firmly committed to helping you access a free internet, no matter who you are or where you are.

How impartial are your reviews?

We only recommend products and services that have passed our high standards for privacy, security, and excellence in other areas. We are completely independent from the services and products that we write about, and our articles are written by impartial reviewers. However, we do use special affiliate links within our website, so if you buy something that we recommend, we may earn a commission.

I would like to write for your website. Is that possible?

Yes! We’re always looking for contributing writers. Please send at least two writing samples and a resume/bio to contact@bestsafevpn.com. Please also describe the subject(s) of the articles that you would be interested in writing. We’re looking primarily for articles/guides about internet privacy, information security, and related technology fields.

If you have additional questions, you can always contact us here.