Here Are the 5 Cheapest VPNs that Actually Care About Your Privacy

First, let me clear up one important point: “cheap” and “VPN” rarely go well together. In fact, the worst case scenario in the VPN world is to hear “free” and “VPN” in the same sentence.

Why is that? As I’ve written before, VPNs cost money to run. You’re essentially paying a company to let you use their access to the internet. Unless you’ve been graced by the Comcast gods with a free internet connection, you should easily realize that free (or extremely cheap) internet access is a nonviable possibility in today’s world—unless you’re paying for it with something else, like your personal data.

In fact, there’s a very real danger that if you pick the wrong cheap VPN (or, heaven forbid, decide to use a “free” VPN), you’ll be less private and less anonymous than with your regular internet connection.

With this cheery note out of the way, let’s move on to the goods: actual cheap VPNs that don’t sell your data or compromise your privacy to subsidize their costs.

I’ve taken extreme pains to select only the VPNs with verified or ultra-reliable commitments to your privacy. If you find a cheaper VPN elsewhere, it’s likely that their privacy policies are vague or duplicitous, or that they outright sell your browsing data to marketers in order to keep costs low.

Without further ado, here are the 5 cheapest VPNs that actually care about your privacy:

1. Private Internet Access ($3.33/month) 

As the name suggests, Private Internet Access (PIA) is fully committed to your internet privacy.  We know this because PIA was once ordered by a court to hand over records regarding one of its IP addresses (which was purportedly involved in nefarious activities). Despite the court order, PIA was unable to provide any records because no such records existed.

That’s right: PIA does not log or store information about users, timestamps, traffic, bandwidth data, or anything that could be used to identify you, even when faced with a subpoena.

In fact, PIA’s owners are adamant they would rather shut down their service than start collecting user logs.

At only $3.33 per month, Private Internet Access is a no-brainer. If you care about your privacy, and don’t want to pay extravagantly for it, PIA is the way to go.

  • Annual Price: $3.33 per month
  • Trial Period: 7-day money-back guarantee, no free trial
  • Based inUnited States
  • Features: Anonymous payments, P2P-friendly, 5 simultaneous devices, multi-hop, OpenVPN. 3000+ servers in 28+ countries (see full review here)

2. TorGuard ($5.00/month)

Though it’s a full $1.67 more expensive per month than my top pick, TorGuard compensates by offering more countries (50+ instead of 28), faster servers, a StealthVPN protocol (to bypass VPN blockers used in China and other countries), and the ability to add a static IP address to your subscription.

I also needn’t mention that TorGuard is legitimately private: as they state, they’re “physically incapable” of logging users or otherwise monitoring traffic.

In short, TorGuard offers all of the features that you could possibly want from a VPN, and I would fully trust them if I wanted to stay private and anonymous on the internet.

(Update: use the code BESTSAFEVPN to get a 10% lifetime discount at TorGuard.)

  • Annual Price: $5.00 per month
  • Trial Period: 7-day money-back guarantee, no free trial
  • Based inUnited States
  • Features: Anonymous payments, fast servers, P2P-friendly, 5 simultaneous devices, StealthVPN, OpenVPN. 3000+ servers in 50+ countries (see full review here)

3. NordVPN ($5.75/month)

When it comes to VPNs, it’s impossible to ignore NordVPN. While they do market themselves very well, their marketing works because they do offer an excellent product.

NordVPN not only keeps no logs, but they’re based in a jurisdiction (Panama) that’s far away from the the NSA, GCHQ, the 14 Eyes, DMCA laws, data retention laws, censorship laws, and all other internet enemies.

Sure, $5.75 per month isn’t exactly cheap—but I have yet to find a cheaper VPN that offers as many features and as a reliable a privacy policy.

NordVPN keeps no user logs, which means they are incapable of complying with requests for data or DMCA notices. They offer obfuscated StealthVPN servers (which lets you bypass VPN blockers used in China and other countries), 3000+ servers in 60 countries, 6 simultaneous devices a 3-day free trial, the ability to unblock Netflix from abroad, multi-hop connections, and much more.

When it comes to offering value, no other VPN service comes close to NordVPN. That’s why I can’t help but recommend them here, even if they’re not the cheapest of the bunch.

  • Annual Price: $5.75 per month
  • Trial Period: 3-day free trial, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Based inPanama
  • Features: Anonymous payments, fast servers, P2P-friendly, 6 simultaneous devices, StealthVPN, multi-hop, OpenVPN, geoshifting (Netflix/Hulu), 3000+ servers in 50+ countries (see full review here)

4. Ivacy ($3.33/month)

Ivacy is another legitimately cheap VPN service that does exactly what it’s supposed to: keep you safe and anonymous on the internet without any weird stuff.

Like NordVPN, Ivacy is based in a jurisdiction (Singapore) that’s far away from the prying eyes of internet enemies (I know I keep using that phrase, but it’s a real thing!).

As for their logging policy, Ivacy keeps no user traffic or IP address logs. However, a representative did explain to me that they keep some logs of timestamps and bandwidth data. This isn’t enough to compromise your privacy, but it’s something to keep aware of in case you’re looking for maximum anonymity and privacy (which few people would benefit from anyway).

Ivacy has the same cost-per-connection as Private Internet Access (my top pick), so if you’re undecided, consider that, while Ivacy offers slightly faster servers, they’re not quite as log-free, and they don’t offer a multi-hop protocol.

  • Annual Price: $3.33 per month
  • Trial Period: 7-day money-back guarantee (watch out for bandwidth and session limits!)
  • Based in: Singapore
  • Features: Anonymous payments, fast servers, P2P-friendly, 5 simultaneous devices, OpenVPN (see full review here)

5. ($4.99/month) is my last cheap VPN recommendation, and it offers a secure, anonymous service with only minimal logging (they only keep temporary logs with non-public IP addresses, and these are securely erased every few hours). Also, they’re based in Malaysia, where there are no internet enemies.

In fact, the only reason I rank last is that their 4.99/month plan is technically only a basic service that permits only one simultaneous device, and only 75 Gb per month of data transfer. If you want the premium service (unlimited data, 5 simultaneous connections), you’ll have to pony up $9.99 per month.

Thankfully, server speeds are quite fast, perhaps even somewhat faster than many of the other VPNs on this list.

However, keep in mind that neither their basic plan nor their premium plan offers StealthVPN or multi-hop protocols.

You can definitely get much more for the same price with TorGuard (or go even cheaper with PIA), but that shouldn’t stop you from at least trying—they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee (but just make sure you use less than 500 Mb of bandwidth!).

  • Annual Price: $4.99 per month (basic)
  • Trial Period: 14-day money-back guarantee (Watch out for 500 Mb bandwidth limit!)
  • Based in: Malaysia
  • Features: Anonymous payments, fast servers, P2P-friendly, 1 simultaneous device (basic), OpenVPN (see full review here)

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