How to Automatically Authenticate to Multiple Tunnelblick Servers

Most VPNs offer the ability to connect to their servers using OpenVPN. If you’re a macOS user, you can easily use Tunnelblick to connect to most VPNs that offer the good ol’ OpenVPN protocol.

However, one of the irritating parts of using Tunnelblick is having to enter your username and password every single time you want to connect to a new server. If you have a large server list, it can get extremely tedious having to enter your credentials if you’ve never connected to that particular server before.

But never fear: there’s a simple solution. Click on the Tunnelblick menu icon and select “VPN details…”. Select any server on the list on the right and click “Advanced”. Select the “VPN Credentials” tab and make sure to check “All configurations use Common credentials”.


And there you go! Now you won’t have to enter your password every time you want to connect to a new server. (You may need to do so one final time to tell Tunnelblick what the common credentials are.)

Note that if you have multiple sets of credentials (e.g. 5 servers from one VPN, 10 from another VPN, etc) you can set up named credentials. Simply uncheck “All configurations use Common credentials” and select “This configuration has its own separate credentials” from the drop-down menu. Now type a name for your server group (e.g. ExampleVPN) and click “Add Credentials”. To change the named credentials for multiple servers at the same time, use the Command and/or Shift keys to select multiple servers from the list on the left of the Tunnelblick settings window, and then click on “Advanced” to make the changes there.

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