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We’ll get right to the point: as you may know, we’re huge fans of TorGuard, a VPN service that offers premium-level privacy features at a superbly affordable price.

To celebrate our growing readership, we’re offering you the chance to get 10% off TorGuard—for life. No gimmicks or strings attached. Simply visit TorGuard and enter the voucher code BESTSAFEVPN.

Why TorGuard? As we explained in one of our reviews, “though it’s one of the least expensive VPN services on our list, TorGuard performs better than many premium VPNs when it comes to privacy and security.”

Not only do they not keep logs or timestamps, they’re technically incapable of logging their users, even if they were requested to do so. Their system is set up so that they retain complete physical control over all of their 5000+ servers around the world.

We also love that they offer all users a free static VPN IP address. Some sites (like Gmail, eBay, and some bank websites) don’t like it when you’re constantly switching your IP address, so using a static IP address can help you connect to these sites without any hassle.

Moreover, they offer an obfuscated StealthVPN protocol, which allows you to connect to TorGuard in China, Turkey, and other countries where VPNs are blocked. Some hotels, schools, and businesses routinely block VPN users, so having a StealthVPN protocol is vital, even if you’re not planning to travel.

If you’re looking for premium features with an affordable price tag, we highly recommend you try out TorGuard by taking advantage of their 7-day money-back guarantee. Don’t forget to claim your 10% life discount—use the code BESTSAFEVPN.

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